Start Up Kits

This commonly requested kit provides the initial full-strength products needed to kill algae, bacteria and clear off-season water of inorganic waste and cloudy water particles.

Quick Start Opening Kit

The Quick Start Pool Opening Kit was designed to make spring opening easier than ever. Our kits contain a shock, a non-foaming algaecide and a water cleaner that helps dissolve waterline buildup and clarifies cloudy water quickly.

  • Each 15K Gallon kit contains: Algaecide Plus - 1 Pint | Quick Dissolve - 2lbs | Spring Renew - 1 Pint
  • Each 30K Gallon kit contains: Algaecide Plus - 1 Quart | Quick Dissolve - 3lbs | Spring Renew - 1 Quart


Let's get your pool water balanced.

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