Big Tabs


Sanitize your pool with convenient stabilized chlorine. Whether your preference is Big Tabs, Small Tabs, Slow Sticks, or Quick Dissolve, E-Z CLOR® has your covered.

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o2 Shock


Shock on a routine basis with effective Re-Fresh®+, Super Shockwave, or Super Shock-IT 73® granules to kill bacteria, destroy algae, and eliminate organic contaminants.

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Safeguard with a quality E-Z CLOR® Algaecide to provide preventative reinforcement, and protect your pool against the threat of troublesome algae.

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pH Up


Properly balanced water prevents corrosion and staining. It will also optimize the performance of your sanitizer. Using E-Z CLOR® Balancers, as needed, simplifies the balancing act to help achieve properly balanced water.

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Super Shimmer & Shine


Prevent specific water problems with E-Z CLOR® Supplements. The perfect complement to your pool care regimen, E-Z CLOR® offers a variety of cleaners, clarifiers and stain removers.

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